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Grant Anderson - VFX Supervision

Grant Anderson

Grant Anderson is an established producer, visual effects supervisor, and stereographer in the film industry and was most recently Executive Director of the Sony 3D Technology Center where he consulted on 3D productions and conversions. His career in stereo 3D began with BEOWULF 3D and continued as stereoscopic supervisor on CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS and THE GREEN HORNET. He recently served as an advisor on THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and as stereographer on Screen Gems‘ BATTLE OF THE YEAR. Previously, Anderson served as CG supervisor and digital artist on SPIDERMAN, THE MATRIX 2: RELOADED, LORD OF THE RINGS 2: THE TWO TOWERS, and THE AVIATOR, among others. He was on the Academy Award-winning visual effects teams for TITANIC and SPIDER-MAN 2, and supervised a team of nearly one hundred people to create the visual effects for SPIDERMAN 3.

Benedict Herford - Production Designer

Benedikt Herforth 

Benedikt Herforth has enjoyed big successes right from the start of his career, for example with Reinhard Hauff‘s acclaimed LINIE 1. The Oscar-nominated smash hit comedy SCHTONK! in 1992 further consolidated his reputation. His recent work include award-winning DER MANN MIT DEM FAGOTT and HINDENBURG – THE LAST FLIGHT. His excellent work on the latter, for which he created an exact replica of a Zeppelin airship, prompted the producers to get him on board for NORTH POLE.

Blasco Giurato - Director of Photography


Italian cinematographer Blasco Giurato has four decades of experience. Among his most famous works are classics such as CINEMA PARADISO, which won the 1989 Academy Award for Best Foreign-Language Film and which brought Blasco Giurato a BAFTA award nomination for Best Cinematography. In 1993 he won the Globo d‘oro for the cinematography of Tornatore‘s A Pure Formality, and his work on Maurizio Zaccaro‘s The Game Bag was nominated for the David di Donatello award in 1997.

Andy Hill - Music Supervisor

Andy Hill

From 1987–1996, Andy Hill served as vice-president of music production for Walt Disney Pictures, overseeing music production on a roster of films which included THE LION KING, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, and SISTER ACT, while working closely with composers and songwriters such as Alan Menken and Hans Zimmer. Films for which Hill supervised music under the aegis of the Disney music department and its acclaimed music chief, Chris Montan, have earned nine Academy Awards in music categories. Subsequent to his term at Disney, Hill opened Andy Hill Film + Music and supervised projects which included MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE, ED WOOD, JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH, and HAPPY FEET, winning a Grammy Award in 2000 as producer of the Best Musical Album for Children for ELMO IN GROUCHLAND.


Nine survivors, stranded on the ephemeral ice floe, drifting at the mercy of the currents … The Arctic landscape is one of the few regions on Earth that has changed little since the airship Italia met its fate. Director Simone Orlandini will make the heydays of Arctic exploration come alive through spectacular visual imagery that captures the adventure, thrill and danger faced by the crew of the Italia. On the other hand, there is the intimate drama that unfolds – a tale of tragedy, comradeship, hope and survival. This makes the emotional scope of the story as large as the visual scope of the spectacular backdrop. Shaping this ensemble piece with the actors will be the task of director Teresina Moscatiello. Together the two directors will take the audience not only on an immersive journey into this wondrous world that few people get to see in person, but also on a journey into the hearts and minds of the explorers and their urge to discover the unknown.

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