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NORTH POLE brings together top European and international film professionals to tell this amazing true tale about fighting the forces of nature, about the power of friendship and about surviving against all odds.


  • Produced by Rebis Film GmbH

    Rebis Film was founded by splitting off the feature division of sister company Sinafilm, to bundle the expertise of Teresina Moscatiello and Simone Orlandini. Rebis Film focuses on international feature film production. Apart from NORTH POLE, current projects include Moscatiello’s WAR EXTRAS, Franco Battiato’s HANDEL, and, together with sister company Sinafilm, Orlandini’s DANTE’S INFERNO. The company is in final post-production for the feature WAITING starring British actor Gary Lewis (GANGS OF NEW YORK), directed by Orlandini (world sales by Adriana Chiesa Enterprises).

  • Pre-Shoot

    In 1928, the fateful last flight of the Italia departed from the fascinating little village Ny Alesund on the island of Spitsbergen in Svalbard, Norway. For the pre-shoot of NORTH POLE, Rebis Film visited this historic site, which today is the northernmost permanently inhabited village in the world. Among the fascinating vistas that once enchanted Roald Amundsen and Umberto Nobile, Rebis Film shot extensive VFX backplates and aerial footage.

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