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Rebis Film was founded by Simone Orlandini and Teresina Moscatiello in 2011 to capitalize and build on their joint expertise as producers and directors. In 2013 they were joined by Annelie Wheeler, who oversees the project development at Rebis. 

The company’s prime focus is on international co-production of high-profile feature films. For the company’s first production WAITING, starring Teresa di Paolo and British actor Gary Lewis, Rebis successfully coordinated a team of European co-producers in the UK and Italy. 

From its onset, the company acquired the vast repertoire of production materials of Orlandini’s grandfather and mentor, the late Italian producer Alfredo Bini, who left the rights to many unfinished projects to Orlandini. One of these projects, which will be co-directed by Orlandini and Moscatiello, is the film NORTH POLE about the true story of Umberto Nobile’s ill-fated Arctic expedition in 1928. Another is DANTE’S INFERNO, to be directed by Orlandini, who will build on an extensive archive of production design material by Bini and Oscar-winner Danilo Donati. Furthermore Rebis is developing Franco Battiato’s HANDEL in co-production with renowned producer Elda Ferri of Jean Vigo Italia. HANDEL will star Johannes Brandrup, Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Rampling. Rebis also owns the rights to screenplays from renowned scriptwriters such as Pier Paolo Passolini and Nobel-prize winner Garcia Marquez. 

Simone Orlandini & Teresina Moscatiello


Annelie Wheeler

Annelie Wheeler

Creative Producer

Sara Marrucci

Sales & PR


Motivation Manager


Rebis Film GmbH is the rightholder of a vast film catalog which includes classics like Pasolini´s ACCATONE and MAMMA ROMA, Bolognini´s BELL ANTONIO and many more.


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